About Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Taunton, MA

Our goal is to continue to fulfill the needs of those less fortunate and to provide dignity and stability to the lives of our guests. We hope to continue develop and expand our programs as there is a growing need for our services as hunger continues to exist in our society.

The program initially started as a two-day-a-week program and now offers warm meals five days a week, with both breakfast and lunch options. In 1988 we were serving an average of 82 people a day and now serve over 150 people per day. 

Hunger is an invisible need and is often overlooked, unseen or disbelieved by many. People are being forced to make choices between paying their rent, heating their homes or putting food on their table. During the summer months and school vacations many children are fed. The changes in qualifications by our government of those who can no longer receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and the changes in our Welfare system have increased the needs of many for a nutritious food source. 

We have a direct impact on the greater community by providing the very basic need of food to those less fortunate in a safe and friendly environment. We are a vital organization that strives to provide dignity and stability to our guests by making a positive difference in their lives and to fight the invisible problem of hunger in our communities. 

Mission Statement

Our Daily Bread is a nonprofit food, nutrition and resource center. Our purpose is to provide a free nutritious meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere to those in need. Our resource center provides mentoring for basic life skills, empathizing, encouraging and empowering a population that includes the homeless and disenfranchised. We envision leading our guests towards self-sufficiency through education, while providing resources, advocacy, and the continued support of our volunteers.

Our Personnel

Maribeth Ferreira

Director of Our Daily Bread
Our Daily Bread
Board of Directors:
Chairperson: Rene Cantin
Treasurer: Eric Pearson

Father Richard Bardusch Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church
David Bibo Director, Food & Nutrition Services, Morton Hospital
Ann Trucchi Condon CFO, Trucchi's Supermarkets
Mark Cook Mission Director, The Matthew Mission
Deanna Cross President, Cross Promos
Jeff Demarco Fmr. Director, Dining Services, Massasoit College
Denise Fortin Eliot Community Human Services- Homeless Div.
Jeffrey Pagliuca SVP, Webster Bank
Bob Wilbur Church Volunteer